Duration: 8 hours

Course Description
This course was created to provide Narcotics Officers with effective techniques that will enable them to achieve maximum results when conducting narcotics investigations. This course will exhibit various methods, such as utilizing strong police presence, covert equipment, informants and undercover officers to achieve their goal.

A Narcotic Investigation generally is a very dangerous assignment; therefore I will provide officers with various ideas and techniques that they can use to keep an officer out of the "line of fire." I will show officers evidence that has been produced when using covert equipment and explain various ways to employ it. Most importantly, I will explain how these techniques could enhance their investigations at the prosecution stage.

This course contains several eye opening videos and many personal experiences that will educate the officer of the dangers associated with narcotics investigations. This course will also provide officers with valuable information that can be implemented, fitting their needs involving the drug problem in their community.

I encourage interaction with the officers who attend my course. By doing so, we can share our experiences and ideas which will help officers apply whatever technique(s) that best suits their needs.

I will discuss the numerous undercover investigations that have resulted in officers injured or killed while performing their duties. (Under NO circumstances do I critique their actions that resulted in their injuries or death.)

This course is taught from my personal experiences and research of the cases that are discussed. The main objective of this course is to provide officers with alternative methods to achieve their objective, and most importantly, recognize danger signs that could potentially save their lives in the war against drugs.

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