I am a rookie Norristown Police Officer and jumped at the chance to attend Mike Altieri's Narcotics Investigation class recently. Altieri is a legend in the field and has an enormous wealth of knowledge to share. He is successful and greatly respected throughout the community, but it hasn't gone to his head. He speaks to the officers in his class like we are all good friends on the same team with the same goal – get the bad guys.

Altieri's Narcotics Investigation course provides officers with the foundation needed to handle confidential informants and always be in control; to work with fellow officers as a team; to somehow always be ready for the unexpected; and, most importantly, to stay safe and go home at the end of the day.

He also shares several surveillance videos – a few from Norristown, too – and officers can actually see how the drug dealers work their trade. Altieri was involved with those investigations and explains what to look for while on patrol and then what to pay attention to when a suspect is under surveillance.

Altieri is not only one of the best cops you'll ever meet, he is also a wonderful teacher. His Narcotics Investigation class is, by far, the greatest course I’ve taken and I hope to be able to attend another one of his classes soon.

Officer Katie O’Connor
Norristown Police Department

In November 2008 The Hatfield Police Department hosted the Search Warrant Preparation Class in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The entire process as a hosting agency was very easy. The instruction was excellent. Mike's D.E.E.P. Undercover training stands out from the rest. Mike shares his life and job experience in a way that makes you feel a part of it as a law enforcement officer. Mike's teaching techniques keep you interested and he treats everyone the same, from the rookie to the 20 year veteran. Mike also tells it like it is..... I'd recommend Mike's training to any police department.

Detective Patrick M. Hanrahan
Hatfield Township Police Department

Over my fifteen years in law enforcement, I have had the opportunity to attend a variety of high quality training relating to narcotics investigations. Having attended D.E.E.P. Undercover training instructed by Mike opened my eyes to the range of knowledge possessed by instructors. Mike brought a personal feel to the training we received and provided real life scenarios in which our training could be utilized. Mike was at home instructing to both the officer with advanced understanding and training to the officer just starting out and I know that this individual attention was appreciated by all who attended. I would recommend Mike's training to any officer looking to improve their narcotics knowledge.

Sgt. Michael Irey
Delaware County Drug Task Force

I am a two time attendee of the D.E.E.P. Undercover training program. I attended the Narcotics Investigation Seminar and recently the Search Warrant Preparation class. I have to say out of all the training I have received, both from my department and abroad, Mike's classes are by far the best. The thing that makes Mike's D.E.E.P. Undercover training stand out from the rest is that he shares his vast experience in a way that makes you feel that he is on your level. To be simple, he teaches cops as a cop and carries no superiority complex as most instructors do.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Mike for the opportunity to attend the class, sharing his knowledge with me as well as his hospitality by the extra steps he took to make my trip there easy. I'd highly recommend Mike's training to any police department or jurisdiction due to the class being taught on techniques rather than case law that is State/City specific.

Officer John Hetherson
Baltimore City Police Department

We recently hosted your Narcotics Investigation Seminar. You made the entire process of hosting this seminar extremely simple. It was extremely refreshing to be in a class that incorporated up to date material with your own cases you've been involved with. This was all brought out by your style of teaching as it was apparent that you have many years of experience and knowledge. We are looking forward to hosting other classes in the future.

Cpl. Mike Sitoski
Berks-Lehigh Regional Police Department

I've been a police officer for over 27 years (Nine of that as a Chief of Police). I have always said the day you stop learning and think you know everything is the day you need to leave the job. I am a "working chief" so I'm still out and about on the streets. There is always something new to learn, especially in the field of Drug Identification. During Mike's Seminar I took notes, which I passed on to officers in my department; it's relevant and pertinent information. The officer who attended the training with me has already put the knowledge to use and says it will be invaluable in the future.

Thanks, Mike, for providing one of the best classes I've ever been to.

Chief Dee Sherman
Spring City Police Department

The East Coventry Township Police Department recently sponsored a Plain Feel/NIK Field-Test Certification Course. Mike did a great job instructing the class, he is very enthusiastic and basically tailored the course to our needs. He is extremely easy to talk to and is willing to bend over backwards to help others succeed. The whole process of hosting the class was simple, I called Mike, asked him if he would do it, we agreed on the dates, and that was it! I didn't realize there was such a demand for the course, we expected about 25 officers and we ended up having 50. As a matter of fact we even had officers travel as far as Baltimore City to attend the program. Great Job Mike!

The Monroe County Drug Task Force recently sponsored a Drug Identification and NIK Certification training course presented by D.E.E.P.Undercover. Mike Altieri presented a program that was both enthusiastic and informative. His program offers insight that benefits both seasoned drug officers and rookie patrol officers.

His presentation contained material relevant to 'real time' drug investigations. He covered situations ranging from Saturation details, undercover buys, and long-term investigations. His respect for his fellow law enforcement officers was apparent from the start, as well as, his desire to share what he has learned in an effort to keep his comrades as safe as possible. He tempered his presentation in such a way that the 'new guys' could understand where he was coming from even without the street experience and the veterans were reminded never to underestimate even the 'simplest' arrest.

Even though he uses his life experiences in many of the scenarios, at no time did he refer to himself in anyway other than a member of the team. His ability to adapt his presentations to the needs of the officers is a benefit for all agencies involved. Additionally, his passion for his work, strong desire to share information and his firsthand experience and knowledge make for an entertaining yet educational training experience! I would highly recommend Mike for any agencies drug enforcement training needs.

Chief Eric Kerchner
Monroe County District Attorney's Office

Our police department has periodically worked with Mike Altieri on narcotic investigations in the past due to his knowledge, availability, and willingness to assist anyone he can in the drug investigations arena.

Our Police Department recently requested Mike Altieri to teach a basic course in Drug Identification to patrol officers and officers assigned to the Chester County Municipal Drug Task Force. Mike's course was fully informative and realistic. His professionalism and expertise in the field of Narcotics is second to none.

Some of the comments overheard by our officers after the training were, "I could listen to this guy all day ." "Great course, this is the type of training we need, can we get him back for additional training." I would highly recommend any of Mike's courses.

Officer Michael D. Carsello
Tredyffrin Twp. Police Dept.
C.C.M.D. Task Force Liaison

My name is Lt. Harry W. Lewis of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department and Coordinator of the Monroe County Drug Task Force. In 2004 the Monroe County District Attorney took over the task force from the Attorney General. We looked all over the state to find which County run Task Force was successful, then I met Mike Altieri from Montgomery County.

Mike has been great. We modeled our Task Force after theirs and he was instrumental to our success. We have become great friends and he is only a phone call away for advice. His knowledge of Drug related topics and investigation is second to none.

Our county is also having Mike conduct our annual training for our task force. I just completed the FBI National Academy and referred Mike and his program, (D.E.E.P. Undercover) to law enforcement agencies all over the US.

Lieutenant Harry Lewis
Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department

We are currently setting up our new Drug Task Force in Schuylkill County. One of our county Chief's knew Mike and contacted him to set up an undercover training program. We sent out fliers to the officers, but Mike took care of all of the registration and other details. His expertise was evident during the training. He gave examples of real life scenarios, accompanied with video. Not only did he keep the attention of the class, but he opened the eyes of some officers and officials that attended as to the inherent dangers of the job. It was great to have Mike as an instructor and I'm looking forward to setting up future training with him. If you are looking for a hard hitting presentation, I suggest you contact him.

Bob Schaeffer
Schuylkill County Drug Task Force Supervisor


On behalf of the entire Schuylkill County law enforcement community, I would like to thank you for presenting your Narcotics Investigations seminar for our county's agencies on January 11, 2007. The setup and registration process leading up to the seminar was quick and easy. The content of the seminar was second-to-none. From rookies fresh from the academy to seasoned narcotics investigators, everyone who attended the seminar learned techniques and tactics to conduct all types of narcotics investigations, successfully prosecute cases and keep officers safe while out on the street. I can truly say that every aspect of the content of the seminar was invaluable. I recommend that any officer interested in doing narcotics work or bettering their knowledge of conducting such investigations attend your seminars. Thank you again for the training, and as always, stay safe!

Matt Nestor
Chief of Police
Shenandoah Borough Police Department


I just took your course on Thursday and I must say in my 18 years of Law Enforcement it has been one of the best and most informative training classes I have ever taken. Keep up the good work!

Thanks again,
Detective Sgt. Guy R. Antolick
Mahanoy City Police Department


I attended your course today in Pottsville and as a young officer with minimal drug enforcement experience; your course was invaluable to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the majority of courses I have attended, you get bored to death. You have a great ability to make the course info very interesting, and the ability to keep everyone's attention focused, not to mention the clock flew by because I was so interested in your course. Thanks again for an excellent training opportunity and I hope to put the many things you have taught to practice ASAP. Thanks again.

SGT. Jeff Bowers
Cass Foster Police Department

I met Mike while looking for training classes for my department. After speaking to him I knew he had exactly what it takes to present a top notch course. He also makes hosting the course extremely painless. We sent out a scope message and told people about the course, and Mike did the rest. He is professional and a pleasure to deal with.

I've been to quite a few Drug ID and Narcotic Courses, and this was by far the best. Mike brings his real life experience to the training, not just a slide show as other trainings courses.

Any Department looking for an excellent training seminar, Mike is the man to call. Mike, you have something good going on here; keep up the great work. I look forward to future seminars. If you ever need anything, just call.

Patrolman Mark Marchesi
Parkside Police Department


Myself and the guys in my unit have been to a lot of narcotics training, and believe me when I tell you, you are one of the best instructors we have ever been trained by. Your courses are great and we would absolutely recommend them to all Police Officers. If there is anything we can ever do for you, let me know.

Sergeant Christopher Barry
Bensalem Twp. Police Special Investigations Unit

Thanks a million, I really enjoyed your course, it was a very good refresher for me, you get very complacent after being out of the academy for quite a few years and forget CDS 101 and now only doing basically highway work for the most part! Your presentation was wonderful and extremely well laid out. Yes, I will be looking forward to any further training courses you may offer.

Thanks again,
PO Niamh McGuinness #265
Bergen County Police
Hackensack, NJ

On June 29, 2006 The Northumberland-Montour County Drug Task Force hosted a Search Warrant Preparation Class in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. As a Field Supervisor with the Task Force it was my responsibility to undertake the task of getting training established and set up. The entire process as a hosting agency was painless and was the easiest process to date! The instruction was excellent and I would like to thank you for a great class!

By you doing all registration and necessary paperwork it took the entire burden off of me, the D.A. and his support staff. We look forward to hosting another of your classes in the fall.

I recommend to any agency looking to host excellent training to give your company a try! They will not be disappointed!

Take Care and Be Safe!

Sgt. Todd L. Owens
Field Supervisor
Northumberland-Montour County Drug Task Force

I recently attended three (3) training seminars offered by D.E.E.P. Undercover (Narcotic Investigation, Undercover Operations and Search Warrants). Unlike a lot of seminars I have attended in the past, each D.E.E.P. Undercover seminar was filled with valuable information including real life experiences that I was able to put to good use the following day. I was very impressed with the way Mike delivered the information to the class, passing along his experiences to learn from. Mike has always been a valuable resource of information for my office. I plan on attending any future seminars and sending others in my office as well. I highly recommend them all. Great job Mike!

Detective Sgt. Dave Kenderdine
Warrington Police Department

I have known and worked with Michael for 18 years. Aside from being one of the area's top drug investigators, he is also an outstanding task force coordinator. I have watched Michael develop the Drug Task Force beyond anyone's expectations. Other law enforcement agencies seek his expertise in learning how to run a task force effectively. Michael brings his vast knowledge and experience into the classroom. He puts his heart and soul into his teaching. No one will walk away from his classes unsatisfied. Michael's seminars are a must attend for all narcotic investigators.

Sgt. Todd Dillon
Norristown Police Department

I've recently attended two courses put on by DEEP Undercover (Undercover Operations and Search Warrant Preparation). Mike is an invaluable resource in drug enforcement, both for the knowledge he brings to the subject and the street level experience for what we actually deal with. I've imposed on him several times via email just to bounce things off of him, and he's always given me an immediate and informed answer. Looking forward to the next class you come up with, Mike. Thanks.

Detective Bernard J. Schaffer
Warrington Township Police Department

Mike possesses the unique ability to bring his years of narcotics experience into the classroom in a clear and concise manner. Mike touches on all of the finer aspects of drug work. Good teaching skills, like good cops are an art of their own and Mike possesses both of these traits. Mike has combined them together to make a drug program essential to every officer out there.

Lieutenant Arthur Pavoni
Narberth Police Department

I have known and worked with Michael Altieri for over fifteen years. As his supervisor I have found him to be an excellent investigator well grounded in all phases of narcotics investigation. All his presentations are well prepared and presented. Mike brings a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to every program.

Frank Bason
Former Narcotics Enforcement Team Lieutenant

Your recent training session at MAGLOCLEN was well received by the members of the Cheltenham Drug Task Force that attended. The mixture of lecture, videos, and class interaction made for an informative and entertaining training day. The training was appropriate for the experienced narcotics officers and for those just beginning in the field. We look forward to your next training course.

Sgt. Mike Regan
Cheltenham Narcotics Unit

Mike, I think you're well on your way. I finally attended a school that I didn't just sit through. I learned a lot and you presented it like a true professional. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you in future training classes.

Sgt. R J Havrilak
Pottstown Police Narcotics Unit

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